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At Clear Water Bay, 2023.

I am a graduate student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) advised by professor Yangqiu Song, and a research intern at Amazon Web Services AI Lab with professor Zheng Zhang. Prior to my postgraduate studies, I received my Bachelor's degree in Data Science from Fudan University.

My research interests are in Natural Language Processing, and I am particularly interested in knowledge grounding and analogical reasoning.


🚀 Our recent work on story analogies has been accepted to EMNLP-2023 main conference! I will be attending the conference in person. Please feel free to reach out to me! 😊
Attending IJCAI-2023 at Macao as a student volunteer.
Attending WSDM-2023 at Singapore.

1. Publications

NegotiationToM: A Benchmark for Stress-testing Machine Theory of Mind on Negotiation Surrounding
Chunkit Chan, Cheng Jiayang, Yauwai Yim, Zheye Deng, Wei Fan, Haoran Li, Xin Liu, Hongming Zhang, Weiqi Wang, Yangqiu Song

EventGround: Narrative Reasoning by Grounding to Eventuality-centric Knowledge Graphs
Cheng Jiayang, Lin Qiu, Chunkit Chan, Xin Liu, Yangqiu Song, Zheng Zhang

CANDLE: Iterative Conceptualization and Instantiation Distillation from Large Language Models for Commonsense Reasoning
Weiqi Wang, Tianqing Fang, Chunyang Li, Haochen Shi, Wenxuan Ding, Baixuan Xu, Zhaowei Wang, Jiaxin Bai, Xin Liu, Cheng Jiayang, Chunkit Chan, Yangqiu Song

StoryAnalogy: Deriving Story-level Analogies from Large Language Models to Unlock Analogical Understanding
Cheng Jiayang, Lin Qiu, Tsz Ho Chan, Tianqing Fang, Weiqi Wang, Chunkit Chan, Dongyu Ru, Qipeng Guo, Hongming Zhang, Yangqiu Song, Yue Zhang, Zheng Zhang

Survey on Factuality in Large Language Models: Knowledge, Retrieval and Domain-Specificity
Cunxiang Wang, Xiaoze Liu, Yuanhao Yue, Xiangru Tang, Tianhang Zhang, Cheng Jiayang, Yunzhi Yao, Wenyang Gao, Xuming Hu, Zehan Qi, Yidong Wang, Linyi Yang, Jindong Wang, Xing Xie, Zheng Zhang, Yue Zhang

Self-Consistent Narrative Prompts on Abductive Natural Language Inference
Chunkit Chan, Xin Liu, Tsz Ho Chan, Cheng Jiayang, Yangqiu Song, Ginny Wong, Simon See

ACL Findings
DiscoPrompt: Path Prediction Prompt Tuning for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
Chunkit Chan, Xin Liu, Cheng Jiayang, Zihan Li, Yangqiu Song, Ginny Y. Wong, Simon See

EACL Findings
Exploring the Potential of ChatGPT on Sentence Level Relations: A Focus on Temporal, Causal, and Discourse Relations
Chunkit Chan, Cheng Jiayang, Weiqi Wang, Yuxin Jiang, Tianqing Fang, Xin Liu, Yangqiu Song

Boosting graph structure learning with dummy nodes
Xin Liu, Cheng Jiayang, Yangqiu Song, Xin Jiang

Learning from sibling mentions with scalable graph inference in fine-grained entity typing
Yi Chen*, Cheng Jiayang* (equal contribution), Haiyun Jiang, Lemao Liu, Haisong Zhang, Shuming Shi, Ruifeng Xu

Refining sample embeddings with relation prototypes to enhance continual relation extraction
Li Cui, Deqing Yang, Jiaxin Yu, Chengwei Hu, Cheng Jiayang, Jingjie Yi, Yanghua Xiao

Incorporating Syntactic Information into Relation Representations for Enhanced Relation Extraction
Li Cui, Deqing Yang, Cheng Jiayang, Yanghua Xiao

2. Experiences

2021 - 2023
M.Phil. in Computer Science at HKUST.
2017 - 2021
B.Sc. in Data Science at Fudan University.
2014 - 2017
Shenzhen Middle School.
04/2022 - 06/2023
Amazon Web Services AI Lab. Research Intern on Knowledge Grounding for LLMs.
07 - 12/2020
Tencent AI Lab. Research Intern on Information Extraction.
2024 spring
Introduction to Computer Science. COMP1021, HKUST
2022 fall
Machine Learning with Structured Data. COMP4222, HKUST
2022 Spring
Advanced Data Mining for Risk Management and Business Intelligence. RMBI4310, HKUST


Some scenes this year.

Most stories feature a team with cool members. Here are our team members (Well, some of them are the same, if you have noticed it):

i.e., me.
Gin Bow, in meditation.
Captain Gin Bow.